What makes Guidewell Financial housing counseling and education programs stand out?

Guidewell Financial has a long track record of providing consumers with the help they need to make better informed financial decisions. Its housing program is based on standards set by the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling and other HUD requirements and guidelines as well as its own knowledge of best practices. All of the agency’s counselors and educators are fully trained and certified.

Why is pre-purchase counseling and education important for homebuyers?

Clients who attend the Guidewell Financial homeownership workshop or complete its online homeownership pre-purchase certificate program come away knowing how much home they can afford to buy and the types of barriers that may affect their ability to obtain one. They learn how to budget and save for the purchase, obtain, and review their credit reports and credit scores, and identify the best loan product for them. They likewise discover how to locate a home and what’s involved in closing. Finally, they gain a realistic understanding of the costs and responsibilities of being a homeowner.

How will taking a pre-purchase course help me save money and prepare for homeownership?

Purchasing a home can be a complicated, sometimes frustrating process where one ill-informed decision may lead to costly results. Fortunately education can reduce this risk and also save on stress. A Guidewell Financial pre-purchase course can help you learn how to improve your credit, so you are able to qualify for better mortgage terms. You’ll learn strategies to help build a larger down payment, so you can lower your monthly mortgage payments and possibly avoid paying for private mortgage insurance (PMI). Finally, you’ll learn about loan programs, such as FHA and VA, and incentives that may help you afford homeownership.
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What is covered in a reverse mortgage counseling session and how does it help clients avoid reverse mortgage scams? 

Reputable reverse mortgage counseling helps seniors sidestep being scammed by helping them gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. During sessions, a certified Guidewell Financial counselor will help you identify and review all available financial options, learn what it takes to qualify for and maintain a reverse mortgage, and compare how specific loan products may work in your situation. In the end, you’ll walk away with a certificate that verifies you completed counseling and resources to help you determine a future course of action.
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How can Guidewell Financial help me if I’m struggling to keep my home?

Guidewell Financial offers HUD-approved counseling to help you understand your options and how to deal with your situation. We help you assess your financial situation, rework budgets, and contact lenders. If you qualify for refinancing or a loan modification, we help you fill out the necessary applications and transmit this paperwork directly to your lenders using the online HOPE loan portal. This helps ensure your mortgage servicers receive the necessary information without documents getting lost along the way. Lenders also provide us with regular updates on their evaluations, so we can keep you informed as you move through the process. There is no charge for these confidential sessions.

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