Discover Your Options and Decrease Your Stress

There is a lot to know and decide about bankruptcy. If you’re thinking about declaring bankruptcy, Guidewell Financial’s expert counselors will help you understand what it could mean to your credit score and employment—and explain your options. For example, your counselor will look at your whole financial picture to see if you qualify for a Debt Management Program (DMP) instead of filing bankruptcy.

Get Information that Empowers

If you have decided to file bankruptcy, Guidewell Financial’s certified counselors will guide you through the federally required counseling and education. We have the knowledge you need to understand the bankruptcy process—in fact, we were one of the first agencies to be nationally approved in bankruptcy counseling. And you can be confident that our services are completely confidential and secure.

No matter which options you have, Guidewell Financial works with you to create a personalized road map for reaching your financial goals.