Get Started

Financial coaching teaches you successful financial habits that can help you achieve your financial goals. We call it coaching because we give you financial management skills and behaviors you can use on your own, for the rest of your life.

Guidewell Financial’s financial coaches work one-on-one with you—in person or by phone, day or evening—to develop financial goals that fit your individual lifestyle. You tell us your needs and goals, and we get you started. Your financial coach will help you create a personalized, realistic road map for meeting your expenses now and saving for the future. We show you how to make good financial decisions independently—today and tomorrow.

Financial coaching may be ideal if you:

  • Have financial goals.
  • Want to improve your financial situation.
  • Are trying to save more money.
  • Want to maintain a household budget.
  • Want to build a relationship with a financial institution.

How Financial Coaching Works

Together, you and your Guidewell Financial coach will look at your complete financial situation to find out:

  • What you earn.
  • How you spend your money.
  • When your bills are due.
  • Your debt.

Your Guidewell Financial coach will then help you:

  • Set your own personal goals.
  • Define the steps it will take to achieve those goals.
  • Track expenses and, if needed, adjust a budget.
  • Evaluate your financial strengths and identify financial habits you could improve.

Financial coaching continues after your counseling sessions. Your Guidewell Financial financial coach will monitor your progress and give you guidance, support, and motivation to help you reach your goals. If you have a debt payment issue that can’t be resolved with your budget plan, our counselors can help you explore other possibilities, such as a Debt Management Plan (DMP).

And if you have questions down the road, our counselors will help you find the answers. Your privacy is important to us. Everything will be kept confidential.

You can arrange financial coaching in person or on the phone. For information on program fees and enrollment, click here or call us at 1-800-642-2227.

“We have established an emergency fund and a monthly budget, set up a retirement plan, and have been able to pay cash for all purchases. Because of the help your organization has provided, we are equipped with the tools to rid ourselves of the burden of debt forever.”

– Guidewell Financial Client