Payment Options

Guidewell Financial's Debt Management Plan clients have the following payment options: 

ACH (Direct Debit)

Put your payments on autopilot by signing up for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Your payment will be automatically debited from your bank account on the same day each month. Click here for the ACH enrollment information.

Online Payment

You can also make online payments via direct debit from a checking or savings account.  To use this easy and secure method, click here. Please note, this web page is only supported by the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, and Modzilla/Firefox.

The pin number required for this option can be located at the bottom of your monthly Guidewell Financial Statement. If you do not have the capacity to make payments online, please call our Client Services Department at (800) 571-2227 for assistance in making remote payments online.

Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Certified Check

You can mail or hand deliver your payment to the address below. There is a secure drop box located at the rear of the building. Please include your full name and six-digit ID number on the front of your money order, cashier's check, or certified check. Guidewell Financial does not accept cash or personal checks. 

Guidewell Financial Solutions
757 Frederick Rd
Baltimore, MD 21228

Tips for Success
  • Make regular, timely payments.
  • Always read your monthly statements promptly to make sure your creditors are getting paid according to your plan.
  • If you are unable to make a scheduled payment, contact Guidewell Financial for assistance immediately.