How does financial coaching differ from financial counseling? 

Counseling and coaching vary in the type of help they provide. Counseling helps clients address specific financial emergencies, while coaching is geared to toward helping those who are already relatively financially aware identify, practice, and perfect money management skills. Financial counselors and financial coaches also wear different hats. Counselors take charge of their sessions and supply clients with guidance and advice. Coaches take a less commanding approach. They help clients identify habits they hope to change or goals they hope to reach and brainstorm ways to accomplish these tasks.  Finally, financial counseling is normally provided in a single session while coach usually takes a year to complete.

Why does the financial coaching program take a year to complete? 

Changing habits, building skills, and reaching goals -- these things do not happen overnight.  They take genuine thought and effort to complete. A year gives clients the time they need to successfully navigate the process and reinforce the new habits and behaviors they hope to acquire.

Why is it important to have a financial coach? 

Financial coaches are a lot like sports or fitness coaches. They help you strategize, so you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. They are motivational cheerleaders, helping you recognize your unique talents and resources. If you run into setbacks, they offer encouragement and help you think through solutions. Throughout the coaching process, they  inspire you to do your best, so you have a better chance to succeed.

What happens if I have trouble reaching my program goals? 

Your financial coach will help you analyze the possible roadblocks you may be encountering and find ways to get around them. If you’re having trouble staying on task, your coach may help you break it into smaller steps or find new ways to accomplish the same goal. If you lose confidence, your coach will help you reconnect with your strengths and refocus for better results.

Why is the Guidewell Financial financial coaching program so successful?

All Guidewell Financial coaches are trained and certified. The coaching program is very personalized, and it’s just one spoke in the circle of services we offer. Our many years of experience and our full range of programs help ensure you receive the attention and resources you need. Click here or call 1-800-571-2227 Ext. 2054 to learn more or request a financial coaching appointment.