Guidewell Financial Solutions is a non-profit community service organization that provides credit counseling, housing counseling, educational programs/seminars, and debt management plans.


If you visit our site to read or download information be assured that any collected information is used to count the visits to this page and to the various other pages contained within our site. The information collected may include the domain through which you access the Internet, your Internet Service Provider. We may note the time and date of your contact and the Internet website that linked you to our site.


Guidewell Financial Solutions is conscious of the security concerns of our clients. The online budget section is available through the use of a secure server. The secure server software encrypts the information you input before it is sent to us. The budget information we collect is protected from unauthorized access and will only be used for counseling purposes. We assure you that all information shared both orally and in writing will be managed within legal and ethical considerations. Your personal financial information, such as your total debt information, income, living expenses and personal information concerning your financial circumstances will be provided to you creditors and possibly others with your specific authorization. We may also use aggregated case file information for the purpose of evaluating our services, gathering valuable research information and designing future programs. Your anonymity will be maintained through the use of your client number or by using aggregate data in all circumstances. In all other situations, your information may be released to appropriate individuals or agencies ONLY UPON YOUR WRITTEN REQUEST OR when our staff has been served by a valid subpoena.


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