Pre-purchase Counseling

Pre-purchase One-on-One Counseling

Our counselors meet with you to develop your home buying plan. We talk with you about what you can afford, budgeting, saving, and your mortgage options. We can help you review your credit report and look at possibilities to resolve credit issues that could affect getting a loan. We'll refer you to down payment assistance programs.

There is a fee for pre-purchase counseling, to be paid at the time of your counseling. To schedule an appointment, call 1-866-731-8486.

Pre-purchase Group Workshops

Guidewell Financial’s housing experts hold group workshops for potential homebuyers. You’ll learn about how to shop for a house, budget considerations, mortgages, down payments, and other things you should consider for successful home buying and ownership. Each workshop lasts 8 hours and is offered on select Saturdays at our Catonsville, Maryland and Dover, Delaware offices. Call 1-866-731-8486 to reserve your spot in our next Homebuyer Pre-purchase Group Workshop.

Online Homebuyer Pre-purchase Certificate Program

Through Guidewell Financial, you can take an online course that will show you how to shop for a home, get a mortgage loan, and maintain your new home. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a Homebuyer Pre-purchase certificate. The charge for the online course is $125.00, to be paid when you register.

If you’re applying for or receiving federal, state, or local down payment assistance, you may be required to follow up with us for an additional counseling session.

Delaware homebuyers: If you’re using a federal, state, or local down payment assistance program, ask your program administrator or lender about the Homebuyer Pre-purchase Certificate Program before you enroll.

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